Canvas House

A canvas house is your ideal choice if you’re looking for something cost effective and time efficient. It can provide a great place for storage and can function as a room or a temporary cover space.


What canvas house is used for?

1. Storage Canvas house is great for storage because it provides a large amount of space and coverage It can be used to easily store factory equipment and other large objects. It will be able to protect your equipment from bad weather and exposure

2. Function room A canvas house can be used as a room, any type of activities or events can take place inside a canvas house. Lunch or dinner functions can take place in a comfortable setting with plenty of space

3. Working place A canvas house can be used as a temporary working place. Performing sales and work activities can be made simple by doing them in a canvas house. With all of the excess space, meetings and group trainings will perfectly fit in

Canvas house features

1. Canvas houses can last for 4-5 years

2. Canvas houses take a lot less time to build than traditional buildings

3. Canvas houses can come equipped with doors, windows and walls to fit your needs

4. Canvas houses can also come with fans, air conditioning, electricity and lighting, making it perfect for any large event


1. The houses are made out of heavy duty canvas and nylon canvas so they are durable

2. There is a variety of different sizes that the houses can come in. They can be small or as big as a 1,000 people hall

3. The canvas house is built using steel that is covered by the canvas

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