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Canvas curtain

We pride ourselves in being the best canopy supplier in Penang for shoplots and factories. Our canvas curtain can be fitted with a pulley system free stretch and a curtain (sliding effect).

We are able to retrofit your compound with various materials depending on your usage duration, ranging from: Heavy duty nylon, transparent sheets, tarpaulin orange & blue sheets for outdoor use as well as PVC. You can rest assured all materials provided are of top quality; you would be hard pressed to find a better waterproof canopy in Penang. Additionally, we have a professional team dedicated to helping you install and dismantle the canvas curtain should you require the service.
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Manual Retractable Canvas Curtain

Our manual retractable canvas curtain is stretchable and is suitable for storefronts to provide ample protection from the sun and rain. We also offer flexible sizes and durable fabric to ensure it lasts longer. Besides that, we offer various sizes, shapes and colours.
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Lorry Canvas

We are your go-to lorry canvas supplier in Penang. Coming in a range of fantastic colors such as olive green, blue, to name a few; these sturdy canvases are made with heavy duty nylon or big coated tarpaulin sheets. Our lorry canvases can cater a large range of vehicle types ranging from 1 to 40 ton lorries all the way up to full-fledged cargo trucks. Our products are built to be long lasting, waterproof and anti UV. Adding to the longevity of these canvases, we provide professional grade services in resealing and repairing accumulated wear and tear.
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Canopy Tent

Our top tier canopy tents, also known as canopy pyramids, are the perfect fit for outdoor usage. You’ll often find these used around events, at outdoor lounges, temples, hawker stalls and temporary shop lots. We have various color options ranging from red to blue to white with the inner layers donning silver linings. These options help add extra flair to your venue while also being the perfect outdoor shade structure for anyone working under them.
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Iron Works

In addition to the canopy themselves, we also offer custom made iron supports which are tailored to cater to your needs for tent, awning and roofing purposes. These high quality specially sourced iron structures can be made as either an awning or to hold up one of the many different canopies that we provide. It is crucial to have a proper and reliable support for the canopies, especially if they are catered for long-term or permanent use.
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Transparent Dome

We offer the ability for customers to customize their existing canvas products through us. By reaching out to us, we are able to provide sewing contracts to customize canvases to your liking. Additionally, as many situations calls for the use of mechanical equipment, these may require cooling solutions such as a blower or fan. In order to isolate the vibrations generated by these devices from the metalwork, we also provide round canvas duct connectors which are tailored for these situations.
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Zinc Awning

Our zinc awning plus pulley system curtain includes iron and zinc board (industrial board) together. Zinc awning, in comparison with canvas awning, is much more traditional, standard and valuable. Other than that, zinc awning offers a more cooling environment while making it easier to unload and load back the stocks no matter rain or shine. We also offer zinc awning with a pulley system, making it easily retractable.
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Canvas Awning

We provide canvas awning without the zinc board. Customers are able to choose between the many different colours offered. Canvas awning is a much more affordable option compared to zinc awning, and it is less traditional too. The materials used for the canvas awning would be PVC canvas.


Our Products